4 Great Future-Proof Technologies To Require From Your First Frontend Developer When Starting a New SaaS To Attract More Developers

Frontend developers will only invest as much as you require them to do.

I have been freelancing for the last 3 years, and when I start working with a new client that has worked with developers in the past, I find the project has bad practices and use of technology that does not scale. This will scare some developers away from your project.

Here’s what to require at the start of your project to avoid that and have developers be eager to work with you:

#1 Use Typescript

Typescript (TS) has become the norm in the frontend world nowadays.

  • It will reduce a considerable number of bugs.
  • You will be able to refactor your code without fear of crashes.
  • Your codebase will be easier to understand for newcomers.

The slogan for TS is “Javascript that scales!” because it is true.

#2 Use Next.js

Next.js is a server-side rendering framework on top of React backed by Vercel — a company that received $150M in funding.

  • It reduces your front-end application’s load time, bundle size, and time-to-interaction (TTI).
  • It has many SEO tools available.
  • It has incredible image optimization options.

Developers love this framework, and you can safely bet on it as it has solidified as the leader in the space.

#3 Use a styling framework

Your first front-end developer might use pure CSS or SaaS for development.

It would help if you prevented this or made him use a consecrated styling framework popular in the React community. Examples are Chakra UI, TailwindCSS, Material UI, and Bootstrap. These styling frameworks also come with many pre-built components so that development will be faster.

#4 Use React Query

Managing state and data is complicated and often hard to scale.

React Query is a library for fetching, storing, and caching data. It has become incredibly popular in the community. It improves the performance of your application a lot, and you benefit by having offline capabilities in your SaaS.

These technologies are not requirements, but having them will benefit your SaaS in the long term. Good luck going forward, and I wish you all the best!

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Hi, I’m Ovi Stoica! I help people build quality software and I write about technology, startups and marketing for developers.

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Ovidiu Stoica

Ovidiu Stoica

Hi, I’m Ovi Stoica! I help people build quality software and I write about technology, startups and marketing for developers.

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