5 Reasons Why Clojure Is The Highest Paid Programming Language Of 2021 With A Median Salary of 95.000$

Ovidiu Stoica
2 min readMay 2, 2022


In the 2021 Stack Overflow Developer Survey, Clojure was voted the highest paid language.

While this data is self-reported, and the number of Clojure respondents is smaller than in other languages, it is still worth investigating. I looked at the opinions of Clojurists on r/Clojure and Quora for answers to this survey result.

Here’s what the Clojure community had to say about it:

#1: Clojure attracts senior developers

Clojure devs have an average of 10yrs of experience.

They would earn a high salary working with almost any language, but they know the downsides of OOP or popular technologies and come to Clojure for its practicality.

#2: Clojure is used in digital banking/fintech

Money systems require reliability while maintaining flexibility and efficiency in fixing bugs.

This set of requirements fits very well for Clojure. The companies in this domain tend to invest appropriately in their developers because they have the resources to back it up.

#3: Clojure makes programmers incredibly productive

Big feature-rich enterprise software is built and maintained by 4–5 Clojure devs.

It is not uncommon to see a Clojure developer being the sole maintainer for multiple tools/products in their company. The language’s practicality, expressiveness, and feature-rich character make developer unreasonably productive.

#4: Clojure devs are polyglots

Clojure is a hosted language running on the JVM and the JS ecosystem.

Clojurists are familiar with these languages, and they would be able to handle developing in these languages. Companies prefer to hire devs that can switch the technology whenever there is demand.

#5: Skewed supply — demand

Clojure is a niche language.

There is a lot of demand for it but not that much supply of developers. Therefore the available devs can ask for a higher salary.

I wish you to check Clojure out and see what it’s all about

Watch some YouTube videos or Rich Hickey talks. It will make a better programmer.

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