6 Benefits of Using GTD for Indie Hackers

Ovidiu Stoica
2 min readDec 5, 2022


The GTD method, or the “Getting Things Done” method, is a productivity system designed to help individuals and organizations increase their effectiveness and efficiency.

It was initially used by busy executives in large companies but in the modern day, it suits perfectly the demands of indie hackers juggling family, a day job, and a side-hustle

Here are 6 benefits of using GTD for Indie Hackers:

1. Improved focus and concentration on the task at hand- GTD keeps focus on one task at a time which is what the brain can do best.

2. Reduced stress and anxiety — We all have things we know we should do but we are not. GTD provides a definite look at all the tasks you have and the next actions for them.

3. Better time management — GTD emphasizes the importance of regular review of one’s current tasks and filtering them based on context (where am I? What can I do? How much energy do I have?) so you tackle the right task.

4. Better creativity and problem-solving — GTD uses the brain for what it does best, solving the current problem at hand. By forcing the question “What is the next action on this?”, You already do more than 50% of the work

5. Progress tracking through multiple projects — GTD emphasizes keeping an active list of projects and at least one next action for each of them

6. Mind like water — Essentially GTD is a method of downloading your brain into a trusted system so your mind is not cluttered by the multitude of tasks you’re not doing. By freeing your mind, you let it focus on what’s in front of it



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