Breakdown Of Areas You Need To Understand When Building Your First Saas As A Software Dev (Examples included)

  • Payments/subscription — You need to understand how to create a monthly subscription in the payment API, check for user access (pro user or free trial), and set up a checkout page. The most popular choice for handling payments is Stripe; other options include Paddle, Square, or Amazon Payments.
  • Ui components — A must for development speed. Understand a design component system that comes with pre-made styling for SaaS. Good examples: Chakra UI, Tailwind UI, Material UI or Mantine
  • Transactional & Marketing Email clients — The number one way to keep users not forgetting about your app is to have a newsletter with tips on using the app or new features. Good examples: Sendinblue, Mailgun, Mailjet
  • Authentication — Do yourself a favor and use a pre-made solution for authentication in your SaaS project. This will reduce your development time, help with 3rd party authentications like Google and Twitter, and include pre-made user-management dashboards. Great solutions: Amazon Cognito, Firebase, Auth0, Clerk, SuperTokens (OpenSource)
  • Notifications can include transaction details, interactions with other users, and information on actions performed. They will generally be transmitted through email, and mobile apps have push notifications on the web. Using React Native, the best current solution is Expo Push Notifications.
  • Tables & Charts — There is a huge chance you will show data or data analysis to your users. To do that, you need to understand some tools that help with displaying and organizing data. Examples: Recharts, VictoryCharts, VisX



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Ovidiu Stoica

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