I Interviewed With More Than 50 Companies: 3 Dead Simple Resume Rules To Guarantee Interviews As A Software Dev

But how do you present as much information as possible in less than 30 seconds of reading?

1. Include a picture

  • It makes you a real person, not a piece of paper.
  • Showing a smile builds trust.
  • People know what to expect from meeting you.

2. List your skills as bullets

  • List the most relevant skills first.
  • Limit to 10 skills — Listing more indicates you are filling up space.
  • Don’t include soft skills — Most are implied or tested in the live interview.

3. Show results & skills learned from previous jobs

  • Moved legacy codebase to modern Typescript stack
  • Improved startup time of mobile app by 3secs
  • Implemented CI/CD pipelines that reduced production errors by 70%



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Ovidiu Stoica

Ovidiu Stoica

Hi, I’m Ovi Stoica! I help people build quality software and I write about technology, startups and marketing for developers.