I Made 30K$ From Freelancing on the Side. Here Are 4 Methods To Find Clients So You Can Do The Same

Whether full-time or on the side, Freelancing is very lucrative and often time safer than traditional jobs as you get income from multiple sources. Last year I made 30K$ from working side-gigs for local businesses.

Here are some of the methods I’ve used to attract clients, and you can do the same.

Sending a Loom recorded video to a local business where you critique their business website and offer suggestions on what they can improve has a lot of benefits.

  1. You have a greater chance of them responding as you put some effort into reaching them. Business owners are bombarded with automated cold emails, and therefore they are impervious to this kind of advertising.
  2. You become a human in their eyes. Often, we don’t associate a face with the person behind an email.
  3. If they agree to the suggestions, they will likely hire you to implement them.

Pretty self-explanatory. The most qualified clients are the ones who heard of you based on your previous work. You won’t need to do any convincing here.

It would help if you made sure that your clients are satisfied with your services to recommend you but ask.

Bonus: Ask clients if they know of other colleagues that need freelancing work. You can approach them based on your common aquintance.

Local businesses owners tend to go to meetups and socialize with other members from that domain. Go to those events and socialize with people.

Don’t be pushy about your services; say that you do freelancing work and direct clients to your website if they are interested or schedule a call at a later date

Go one by one through your Facebook, Contacts list, or other mediums and message people, letting them know that you are doing freelance work. Don’t spam a message to all of your lists.

You have greater chances if you go through your contacts one by one and craft a message for each of them.

You can see that most of the advice here revolves around your local community. The truth is that people prefer working with local service providers as it is less of a hassle and it streamlines communication and trust.

Go on out and find those clients. Tweet me @ovstoica and let me know how it went.

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Ovidiu Stoica

Ovidiu Stoica

Hi, I’m Ovi Stoica! I help people build quality software and I write about technology, startups and marketing for developers.