Implementing GTD For Perfectionist Software Developers Who Feel Overwhelmed. Part 1: Preparations

Ovidiu Stoica
2 min readApr 26, 2022


After the first cohort of #ship30, I felt completely overwhelmed and I was working on 5 projects at the same time, managing all of them in my head.

After reading Getting things Done by David Allen, I got completely free. I work the same amount but I get a lot more done and I feel more in control of my daily life.

Here’s how to start:

Step 0: Download the GTD book or audiobook

Mandatory step as a lot more details will be included there. Any perfectionist developer that feels overwhelmed will benefit from this.

Step 1: Create GTD Project and include these sections

  • Capture — Any new unprocessed task/thoughts go here
  • Next Action — Tasks that are specific planned actions
  • Specific Date — Calls, Meetings, Plane flight
  • Waiting For — Tasks that are delegated to somebody or responses
  • Someday Maybe — Things that would be nice but not a priority right now
  • Tickler file — Things that will happen but at least 6 months in the future (Concerts, birthdays, project deadlines)

Step 2: Download all your brain in the Capture Section

Take 1–2 days to list all the things that are on your mind and put them inside Todoist in the Capture section of GTD.

  • Marketing for side-project
  • Wake up earlier
  • Buy coffee support
  • Learn new technology

Don’t overthink it. The goal is to empty out all the projects and tasks you were keeping in your brain into an external software where they can be managed.

Part 2 will be about processing all the data.

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