The Step-by-step Framework For Doubling Your Productivity On Side-Projects By Limiting The Time You Work According To Parkinson’s Law

Step 1: List out all the details of the project. Be specific!

Take 10–15 minutes to do this. You need to know precisely what you are working towards.

Step 2: Write down the duration your gut tells you it will take

After step 1, you will have a default period in which you expect this to be done. Write that number down. Write down the date at which you expect to finish.

Step 3: Ask the question, “What would I have to do to finish the project 4x faster?”. Give 20 answers!

Write down the new timeframe. Stare at it to normalize it.



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Ovidiu Stoica

Ovidiu Stoica

Hi, I’m Ovi Stoica! I help people build quality software and I write about technology, startups and marketing for developers.